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10 Bottles Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV) 350 Gram Original – 2 Extra Free Bottles Gift


We are offering Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV) 350 Gram – Original. We offer special sales & offers to our customers Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV) – Original Premium Quality, etc.


10 Bottles Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV) 350 Gram Original – 2 Extra Free Bottles Gift

10 Bottles Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV) 350 Gram Original – 2 Extra Free Bottles GiftWe are now offering the best solution for measure health problem.

Alpha Meta (50 BV/ 100PV)
Price: $90 per Bottle.
Minimum order quantity is 10 Bottles
10packs = US $900 plus Two Free Bottles
Weight : 350 Gram
Made In Thailand
Product By “JM Ocean Avenue/JMOA International”


(The Alpha PSP Series)
AlphaMeta is a high nutrition meal replacement. Extracted from specific strains of native whole grain rice and cultivated organically, AlphaMeta provides sustained nutrition on a cellular level. It revitalizes body systems and supports balanced health in just one simple step.

Important nutrients that are essential for performing many functionsof the body. By utilizing mechanical hydrolyzation under high pressure. Using nanotechnology, the chosen fraction from ricegrains harvested at the right age and grow in alkaline soil Organics,in northern Thailand. Through this, scientists have been able toisolate Alpha polysaccharide Peptides (a-PSP) into a dry powderform, hypoallergenic, making Alpha Meta.

The human body has its own power to heal itself when the patient has the right amount of chosen to increase energy production and to maintain proper function of cells. Molecular PeptidesPolysaccharides, glycans, also known as Alpha, is quite small (the size of an average of 200-300 microns) to penetrate the inner mitochondrial membrane, which is the Energy Center of the cell.This allows Meta to feed the Alpha cells in the most basic metabolicproduction to increase.
This unique health food have shown significant results in the application as a health food for prevention and countermeasures of metabolic disorders and degenerative diseases the most. It is known that more than 85% of the current metabolic diseaseoriginated. So what we have to do is to see how we can improve thefunction of the cell.

The function and health of cells is the key and the key determinantsof health and well-being of the body and organs in thoroughly. IfYour cells healthy, nisacaya you will also have a healthy body.AlphaMeta dikhusus designed to provide the essential nutrientsneeded to keep cells can help keep the body‘s normal functions.

Bio-energy is the primary source of which is making sure the bodyfunctions normally Act to maintain health and vitality. Loss orshorthanded bio can invite a variety of ailments. This deficiency can be caused by decreased body endurance, penimbun the rest ofmetabolism and toxins as well as nutritional deficiencies. These conditions can accelerate aging and cause the onset of the disease.

Polysaccharide contained in AlphaMeta were able to increase theuptake of different types of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals,and amino acids that your body needs. Extracted from a natural,organic rice is more easily absorbed and can be directly utilized bythe cells of the body. AlphaMeta bio energy increase earnings, the process of metabolism and the production of the enzyme for theencouraging improvements in the cell, maintaining healthy cells and get rid of damaged cells and die so that the organs of theorgantubuh can work well in an ideal environment.

AlphaMeta product is allergy-free  ALPHA PSP contained numerous variations from processing rice–non GMO (genetic modification-free) organic growing in the Valley of Siam Thailand has wonInternational since 1933.

AlphaMeta contains ALPHA PSP with dozens of polypeptide andpolysakarida antioxidant, which gives incredible effects todetoxification, therapy, or preserve the health of the body.

ALPHA PSP is content contained in certain food ingredients such asbrown rice and had once treated with advanced technology.
ALPHA PSP functions as a FOOD FOR THE CELL nourishment for the body’s cells.

ALPHA PSP benefits based on research and surveys over the past 20 years:
1. improve the performance of cell and activate cells in the organs of the body, by giving it an ideal food to cells so that nourish organs.Especially in the healthy cells of the pancreas produce insulin,kidney cells (especially for the less good kidney or renal failure),cardiac cells (good for coronary artery disease)
2. contents of the polypeptide and antioxidants provide protectionand repair damage to the cells of the body against the danger offree radicals. Prevent aging factors caused damage to the cells.(nervous system, skin)
3. reduce and maintain weight loss by way of improving the digestive cells in the intestinal wall, and the PSP‘s own ALPHAcontain fiber so high that helps the body to
DETOX naturally.
4. create the combustion cells in the body become optimal, thus reducing the buildup of sugar in the body as well as provide highenergy in the body.
5. has the power to kill very high against cancer cells and tumors(research result of 100-per-cent killing effect for brain cancer cells)
6. improve the function of neurons and brain cells, helps memory and concentration ability.
7. Improve the resilience of the body against allergies, asthma andrespiratory problems.
As for some of the benefits AlphaMeta for various ages:

For kids and babies:
– Help the growth of muscles and bones
– Improve the growth of brain cells
– Strengthen the cells of the lung
– Reduce digestive problems

For adults:
– Healthy and smooth skin
– Increase stamina
– Balancing hormones
– Ageless
– Speed up the achievement of ideal weight

For the aged:
– Improve memory
– Increase the power
– Strengthen the imum system
– Strengthen and lighten pigmentation

For the sick:
– Increase the power
– Speed up healing
– Strengthen the resilience of the body
– Get rid of the cells which are damaged and dying as well asencouraging cell rejuvenation
AlphaMeta is an Energy Booster for body cells, made from Brownrice containing Alpha PSP for the needs of the body’s cells, to correct the body’s cells are broken
Alpha Meta formulated after through a variety of research and is a collection of perfect natural nutrients consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids and high carbohydrate sources as well as phytonutrients taken from organic plants, especially riceseeds options. Therefore, Alpha Meta is easily absorbed and utilized by the body cells.

Research Report
* Can Set The Sugar Levels In The Body.
Normal blood sugar levels in 90,2% of 767 diabetics.
In 2002 a study on the 767 in diabetic patients, a-PSP was found tohelp regulate blood sugar levels in 90,2% of participants in just 90 days. Other improvements include an increase in observed energy levels, fatigue, numbness, lack of bowel movements less is better, and palpitations.
(Studies on the a-PSP towardsa Better quality of life as part of theChange is symptomatic 767 Asian Diabetes Patiets NattayaTasawat, MS, b.ed, Dip the MBA and the MCP;. SombatTayraukham, Ph. D., M.Ed, B.ed).

* Reduce The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
According to research conducted at the Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, the use of Alpha PSP as part of an overall diet proved to be very successful raising good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.
(The study carried out by Hospitals Ray Cho, Ho Chi Minh City)

* Alpha Meta can help in a variety of conditions such as:

– Alzheimer’s Disease,
– Myasthenia Gravis,
– Multiple Sclerosis,
– Parkinson’s Disease,
– Diabetes Mellitus,
– Food Allergies,
– Chronic fatigue syndrome,
– Meningitis,
– Stroke,
– Attention Deficit,
– Hyperactive Disorder,
– High Cholesterol,
– Asthma,
– Respiratory Conditions,
– Arthritis.

Alpha Meta can also help in reducing the bad effects of free radicalsand hence improve the performance of mental, reduces chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia.

Whole Grain Brown Rice

Rice is the staple food for approximately 70 percen of wold’spopulation. Much of the nutritional value lies in the brand and germ.which has traditionally been discarded during milling processes.With intact brand and the germ, brown rice is a 100% whole grainfood. It is known as the real nutritional powerhouse rih in proteins, dietary fibre, minerals, vitamins and healthy plant based fats.

Each of the varieties of wheat that are carefully selected beforecultivation. Every seed must undergo a rigorous inspectionprocedure of experienced, senior personnel. With a unique organic farming techniques ensure optimum product quality control and value of nutritinal.High extraction technologypreservescompleteness of nutrition
AlphaMeta safe for consumption because it is made from extractsof organic red rice epidermis of choice in the production of State ofThailand which is red rice producer in the world, 1 measure andAlphaMeta contain 10-15 kg of brown rice. Recommended doctorsin Singapore and Malaysia for a wide variety of healing.

Product certification
USDA Organic
Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use ofrenewable usda_logo_editedresources and conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.Organic food is produced without using most conventionalpesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewagesludge; bio-engineering; or ionizing radiation. Before a product canbe labeled “organic“, Government-approved pengesah check thefarm where the food is grown to make sure the farmer is followingall the rules necessary to meet USDA organic standards.Companies that handle or process organic food before it gets toYour local supermarket or restaurant must be certified, too.

Euro Leaf
Indicates that this product may be legally qualified organic because it is completely in accordance with the conditions and regulations forthe organic farming sector set by the European Union. Forprocessed products, it means that at least 95% of the ingredients of organic farming.
Non-EU Agriculture ‘ means that the agricultural raw material has been farmed in third countries.

BCS ÖKO-Garantie
BCS declares more than 450.000 farmers and more than 1000processing businesses bcs_logo_editedin imports and exportsthroughout the world. Based in Nürnberg/Germany, BCSÖKO–garantie currently employs more than 100 experts forinspection and certification of production, processing and trade in accordance with a number of standards.
BCS ÖKO–garantie offers a seal for BCS certified companies, in order to help them differentiate their products in the market. The BCS seal is a sign of a recognizable for the customer to identifyorganic products of high quality.

Healthier Choice
Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) in food product packaging indicates that the product is healthier choices, and can help consumers tomake informed food choices when shopping.
The product carries the HCS is generally lower in total fat, saturated fat, sodium and sugar. Some are also high in fiber and calcium in comparison with similar products in the same food category.
Product AlphaMeta has got HALAL certificate from IslamicFood Research Centre Asia (IFRCA)
Efficacies  Of  ALPHAMETA

Enhances Enzyme Production to:
* Promote digestion and absorption at a cellular level
* Remove wastes and toxins from your body
* Promote cellular function
Protects And Repairs Cells by :
* Stimulating the production of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals
* Using its ability to heal cells and restore damaged cells
Echances Energy Production to :
* Promote the utilization of energy reserves in your body for better functioning of bodily systems
Prevents Premature Aging by:
*  Promoting cell rejuvenation at a cellular level
*  Delays Aging
(Balancing the Body’s Overall Health)
Now, natural desiccant and oxygen absorber made from natural materials are added into the packaging to preserve its freshness and nutrients and the unique natural scent of the rice.

Natural Desiccant
Control local humidity to limit the growth of mold, and avoid spoilage or degradation of rice bran.

Oxygen Absorber
Prevents growth of aerobic pathogens and spoilage organisms, including molds, and avoids lipid oxidation thus preserving the flavor, color, and nutritional values.
It has been our commited to bring you natural organic brown rice of the highest quality !

Organic Whole Grain Brown Jasmine Rice (including bran, fiber, rice bran oil, grem)

Mix 1 scoop (approx 10 g) powdered Alpha Meta into the warm water, mix well.
Drink 3 times a day, before meals
Have a drink on a regular basis to get maximum results.

Health Product Create Love
It has been our mandate  to continually search for the finest and natural rice products the world can offer

One scoop (scoop measures) = 10 g of AlphaMeta contains AlphaPSP which is equivalent to 10 kg of genuine Organic Brown Rice.
One bottle contains AlphaMeta 350 grams, this means that 1 bottle of AlphaMeta equivalent of 350 kg of brown rice organic original.AlphaMeta contains 50 sorts of Anti oxidants.
It is recommended a minimum of 3 months to the process ofdetoxifying the body

1 bottle Weight 350 gram
Made In Thailand
Product By
JM Ocean Avenue
JMOA International

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