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50 Gr. A-pvp Crystals


Vendor : Meds Plug Pharmacy

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Short Description : 50 gr. A-PVP Crystals Prices : 600 USD


Buy 50 Gr. A-pvp Crystals Online

Buy 50 Gr. A-pvp Crystals Online: We sell α-PVP (α-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone) at 99.89% Purity. We remain one of the top suppliers in wholesale/ retail of Alpha-PVP and other plants research chemicals

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A-PVP is a research chemical which until now has not been fully studied and which has not been approved for human consumption. It is believed to have been synthesised as a replacement for MDPV(methylenedioxypyrovalerone), which is now a controlled substance is many jurisdictions. Although it is expected to act as an NDRI like its analogue pyrovalerone, further research is required to establish its exact mode of action. Α-PVP is supplied as a white powder.

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